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Asian Art Platform

Contemporary Art Gallery with operations in Singapore & Beijing.


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  • IndustryArt gallery
  • 80%Visits from organic search
  • $$$Opened new revenue streams
  • #1Rankings in Google

Client testimonial

Digital is important to us in terms of driving awareness, acquiring new clients, and presenting a professional output to prospective artists. Ben has been driving our entire digital strategy and execution since January 2015, and we've grown the business significantly thanks to this partnership.

Alice Zou Asian Art Platform

Alice Zou



Asian Art Platform is a commercial art gallery based in Singapore and Beijing. Opening in 2015 they primarily focus on bringing Chinese artists to an international audience. Purchasing art continues to be heavily handled offline, but the business understands the value that digital brings to acquiring new contacts and presenting a professional shop window to both clients and prospective artists. The business could bring forth exceptional talent and knowledge of the art industry, but they needed expertise on website development and digital marketing to help them put forth this professional shop window and help generate awareness and acquisition of new contacts.

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What I did

Asian Art Platform fully outsourced their website development and digital marketing needs to Digitize. Starting from 2015, we deployed their initial website and have continued to evolve the platform and content according to the wider business strategy. This has included two major website overhauls and the expansion of ad-hoc service offerings such as the popular art valuation service. Through our identification of search opportunity and close relationship with the business owner, we have been able to identify and open up completely new revenue streams for the business.

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The business has been able to organically grow with minimal marketing investment by focusing on inbound activities to drive traction. 80% of the visits to the Asian Art Platform website arrive from organic search and we’ve successfully targeted and ranked on many related terms to drive incremental brand exposure. For example, the website enjoys exceptional rankings around ‘picture framing’ keywords, generating nearly 20,000 visits per annum on this topic alone. We were able to rank the business in number 1 on Google for the majority of art valuation/appraisal service keywords opening up an extremely profitable revenue stream for the business, one they had never appreciated or entered in the past. In an industry where galleries either don’t focus on their website or believe they need some gimmicky and hard to navigate, Asian Art Platform is regularly complimented by clients and artists on the quality of the website.

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