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Axxis Consulting

IT and management consulting firm based in Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, and Japan.


Main stats

  • IndustryIT & Management consultancy
  • #1Rankings in Google
  • +550%Web leads generated
  • +220%Leads via Google Ads

Client testimonial

We wanted to accelerate our business growth in Singapore & Malaysia by leveraging digital to drive lead generation. We worked with Ben to completely rebuild our website and Google Ad campaigns and we're delighted with the results. Ben has been a great partner for us.

Harald Weinbrecht Axxis Consulting

Harald Weinbrecht



Axxis Consulting is an IT and management consulting firm with offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Germany. They provide SMEs with cost-efficient, leading-edge technology solutions built on SAP software. Their purpose in life is to help businesses drive growth through the implementation of technology that is specifically tailored to the business’s needs. I met Harald, the CEO of Axxis Consulting off the back of a presentation I did in Ho Chi Minh to a number of SAP partners. As a little side project from my normal day-to-day role with SAP, I asked Harald if he would be up for letting me take a run at re-doing his website and Google Ads campaigns. He said yes.

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What I did

We developed a new online visual identity for Axxis Consulting and deployed a new website with a strong focus on improving organic search rankings. We embedded lots of clever lead generation flows into the user journey to ensure we maximised the chance of capturing prospective customer details. I completely rebuilt their Google Ads campaigns in both Singapore and Malaysia to tighten the investment in the most important areas and therefore increase leads at a reduced cost per acquisition.

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Axxis has seen strong improvements thus far. They are now the #1 most visible partner in Google Singapore for their primary solution area, SAP Business One, occupying many #1 ranking positions on target keywords such as ‘sap business one pricing’. The focus on improving the website and implementing a clear conversion goal has helped to increase total web leads by over 550%. The tactical efforts made to grow the business in Malaysia through an improved landing page experience and new Google Ads campaign have helped to increased paid search leads in Malaysia by 220%.

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