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As with many industries, search provides a huge acquisition source for law firms, yet many of them haven't updated their marketing strategies to focus on digital. Legal Smart plans to chase the search opportunity that exists and provide valuable introductory legal content to those who are looking.

Ben Rush



The search opportunity within the legal space is quite significant, yet there are few independent sources providing customer-friendly content, packaged in a nice, mobile-responsive platform. To try and tap into the market opportunity in both Singapore & Malaysia, we decided to launch a couple of legally focused content hubs.

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What I did

Designed, developed, and launched two new legal content hubs in Singapore & Malaysia. We started by launching Legal Smart Singapore first and then replicated the core functionality for Legal Smart Malaysia a few weeks later.

The most challenging and time-consuming part is, of course, building a repository of good quality content that accurately captures the finer points of the legal system in each market. I outsourced this content production to a series of legal writers to fast track the production.

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Both of the sites only just went live around March 2020 and we’re gradually deploying additional content to each site, but the situation with COVID-19 will inevitably have a short term impact to the level of output. With both sites running on brand new domains, it will take a number of months (likely 6+) before we are really able to start seeing some competitive ranking in the search results. I’ll update this case study as time goes by.

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