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Pan Pacific Leasing

One of the largest commercial vehicle leasing companies in Singapore.


Main stats

  • IndustryCommercial vehicle leasing
  • +225%Increase in web visits
  • +171%Increase in web leads
  • +40%increase in organic visits

Client testimonial

We initially contracted Ben to help us migrate away from Wix and move to a more professional website. We've seen great results post the new website going live and continued to leverage Ben across more and more areas of our digital marketing needs.

Lawrence Mok Pan Pacific Van & Truck Leasing

Lawrence Mok

Head of Marketing


Pan Pacific Van & Truck Leasing is one of the largest commercial vehicle leasing companies in Singapore. With a total vehicle fleet of over 1,500, they serve a range of individual and corporate clients across industries including logistics, F&B, construction, pest management, cleaning services, movers, events, and more. Having come under new management the business was looking to aggressively grow and needed to also enhance its website to provide a more professional online presence. The old website was maintained on an outdated template on WIX and was not providing good organic search exposure on the important keywords for vehicle leasing in Google.

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What I did

Within a period of fewer than 3 weeks, I built and deployed a new CMS driven website for the company, ensuring that it was migrated across from WIX without interruption to clients or business users. I did upfront keyword research to understand what prospective customers were searching for on Google in relation to van & truck leasing in Singapore. Armed with this information we ensured that the website went live with all the necessary SEO elements in place, allowing us to improve rankings and leads generated from this channel right away.

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Due to a lack of historic focus and maintenance of the website the business didn’t really have clear event tracking to even understand the volume of visits/leads being generated from the website. We managed to get some limited data prior to migrating away from WIX and we’ve observed continued good growth since then. One of the biggest benefits for the client is they now have clear data points on performance because actions are properly tracked. Overall visits have risen by around 225% whilst the number of leads generated by the website has risen by 171% at the time of writing.

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